\this is how i feel when i play at the bottom of the ocean or in a pool \that feeling of weightlessness, of freedom; to be transported into another world, one with different rules, rules that are foreign \a world where you can be completely alone; sound distorted, images blurred \stripped back to your most … Continue reading freedom


Istanbul Bar Scam

a very unhappy man tapped me on the shoulder several minutes later and started yelling at me "why did you do that! they were my friends!


People of Palmyra are not very friendly, People of Palmyra seldom wave back, People of Palmyra rarely say hello, People of Palmyra. (Maybe its just me, Maybe I have been away too long, Maybe the line separating Palmyra and Fremantle is real.)


  2017 I followed my heart. It was a great year in some aspects, average in others. It was a building block year, a bit of a time filler, time was what we needed to see the direction of the future. Direction is what I found and now the path gets clearer and clearer. What … Continue reading 2018