(not my photograph)
(not my photograph)

I don’t see what I am doing as overly adventurous or courageous, as I surround myself with stories (both thru the books I read and the people I meet) of great adventurers climbing mountains in extreme conditions, hitch hiking across the world, living without money.
I know what I am doing is great and I love it, but in the grand scheme of things it is nothing special.
That said, I recently I realised that while I compare myself (a bad habit created by our education system, which I am working on) to these great adventurers who probably represent less than 1% of the population, when I share my story with your typical 9-5 worker bee, my story becomes an exotic tale of adventure. And I hope that sharing my story will inspire people to take that first step outside their comfort zone and do what they’ve always wanted to do, what ever that may be.
After all, if there is one thing I have learnt in this past year, it is that anything is possible.


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