Concepts of Travel

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Last night, completely alone in the middle of a Swedish fairy tale forest by a lake, I grilled a freshly caught fish on the open campfire. Then canoed on the lakes glassy water with only the echoing songs of the birds and the midnight sun to keep me company.

Tonight I ate stale bread with peanut butter and duty free cheese. I watched drunk Finns dance to classics played by a cover band on board a ferry bound for Helsinki and slept on the floor using my bag as a pillow, falling asleep to the sounds of the roaring engine while Future Islands whispers song into my ears. #hobolyf

The contrast is killing me, and I love it. Contrasts like this make life worth living.

Sitting in the bar, watching the Finns dance (impressively) like its the 1980s – when I gaze out the window falling victim to the hypnotic rhythm of the sea, I can almost hear the silence of the lake with only the birds singing in the forest and it makes me smile.

Sometimes it takes longer for the mind to travel.

Grilling my dinner, a fish caught in the lake a few hours ago.
Grilling my dinner, a fish caught in the lake a few hours ago.

Up coming post: Two weeks spent volunteering at an eco-lodge in the heart of the Swedish fairy tale forest in the middle of summer.

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge
Kolarbyn Eco Lodge

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