My Ascension into Valhalla

– Experiencing the Northern Lights


Two of the most amazing hours of my life was spent in the middle of a snow covered forest, in -30 degrees Celsius, 5 hours north of the Arctic Circle in the small town of Saariselka, Lapland-Finland. And to make things more idyllic, it was Christmas Eve just after midnight – usually the opening line of fairy tales.

Fairly tale winter wonderland
Fairly tale winter wonderland

The intensity increased over the two hour period, beginning with a single ribbon floating effortlessly across the sky like a stream down the mountain side, and ending with the entire sky blanketed in the delicate mix of neon green.

The experience was touching, though I had seen countless time lapse videos of more impressive displays, to experience the show of that caliber in those surroundings was unbelievable. It is a display of the pinnacle of beauty that can be seen on Earth.

With natural displays like these so common in this part of the world, it is no wonder the Vikings believed so religiously in Thor and the other gods.

This is a time lapse of the display we viewed captured on my 5D MK III.


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