Uganda First Day


Australia, Australia, off the bus.

I stepped off the full bus a little confused as I was told to get off at the last station. I found myself in a dirt road T-junction with no lighting and only 3 guys on motorbikes – the common taxi motorbikes called a boda boda I had read about – to keep my company. Dazed from the 30 hours of travel, I loved my curent situation and couldn’t help but smile while beginning to fall in love with Uganda after less than 8 hours in the country, the majority of which was spent on a bus.

I had less than 5 minutes to enjoy the situation as I was picked up by my host, Freddie, and we each rode a boda boda back to his house.

As we walked thru the entrance, I imagined we were squatting in the construction site we were walking into – something I would not have objected to. Turns out they are simply building another building around the apartment block in which Freddie lives – there is space so why not. His place turned out to be much better than a squat in a construction site, it contained running water and electricity – what more could you need. Inside I met the other volunteers and people living in the house – 11 people in total.


I quickly realised that I had come to the wrong country. One of the only food I do not enjoy eating is bananas and I have not had a cup of coffee in over a year.

My first day began with a tour of a completely organic coffee and banana farm which I would be working at. We ate fresh bananas and a shared a cup of freshly ground black coffee. Both of which I surprisingly loved. Guess I have expensive taste.

We came back to town and played a football match with a group of volunteers from the UK against a local team while every child in the community watched. It was great.

We followed them back to a locals house and ate food, sang songs, and shared a few beers. We left around 11 pm assuming boda’s would be easy to find. They were not. We began the long walk home while trying to flag down a car. Eventually succeeded in flagging down a ute who agreed to bring us into town for a very good price. We piled in and made it home. Hitch hiking in Uganda: successful.







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