Beauty lies in every soul.

A song lyric that deeply resonated within me during a hitch hiking trip down Norway.

To me, it is applicable to the philosophy of hitch hiking; placing your complete trust in a person with whom you have 5 seconds to decide whether or not you trust them enough to accept the gracious offer of a seat in their vehicle (seat not essential, vehicle is a lose term).

It is about choosing to see the beauty in people. Choosing to trust that beauty does in fact lie in every soul. And it is only society and circumstance that dampens this beauty, corrupts it, lettting evil take control.


If everyone spreads stories of love and kindness, if everyone chose to see the beauty in every person, and chose to trust in people, beauty will spread.

If everyone spreads stories of deception and fear (in line with that of the mainstream media) and chose to see the evil in people, then it is evil and fear that will rain supreme and spread. People will stop trusting another, becoming skeptical and refuse the most innocent act of kindness.




We do not live in a utopia. We should not be naive and illogical, evil does exist, I know this, I have experienced this. But once you become open to the idea and begin to trust that beauty lies in ever soul, once you trust that the average person is good, you experience the world in a different light, a clearer, less clouded, brighter light.

See the beauty in every soul and beauty will spread.
See the evil and evil will spread.

It is our world, we have the choice.

(Somewhere in Iran)

Listen to the captivating baseline and beautiful words: Future Islands – A Dream of You and Me



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