2015 was the year I reset my life, went off the path I was headed, went off and into the bushes and what i found was amazing. A life less ordinary, as I journeyed to amazing places by various means – the best of which being hitch hiking, I met inspirational people on the way and at the destination, locals and travellers alike. I saw spectacular performances by mother nature at her best; from hours north of the arctic circle in Finland to see the Aurora Borealis, to the coast of Kenya to swim through a galaxy of under water stars known as bioluminescent creatures. I hiked mountains, got lost many many times, admired beautiful ancient Islamic art, rock climbed cliffs, played in the snow, basked in the suns rays, swam in freezing glacier run off water, bathed in lakes, napped in canoes, camped in the snow, climbed dunes with my 18 month old nephew, got chased by a giraffe, watched lioness’ stalk zebra, bungee jumped, loved, laughed, played, created.

“Is this good, or is this good”

2016 I want to be the year I find my path. I’m stumbling through the wilderness right now, unknown territory, bush bashing as they say, following my nose, trying to get to something that is in the far distance blurred through the haze, and this year I want to find the path that will take me there.




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