Uganda in Video


Stories out of Africa are often focused on the negatives. This is a video to celebrate a playful culture in which everyone can dance, and everyone loves to.

Dance is used to celebrate, pass time, and bond with friends and family. Whether its a stage or mud ground, rain or shine, there will always be people dancing in Uganda.


The image of Africa is usually one of vast inhospitable deserts, and bare savanna plains filled with deadly wild animals.

Due to the fertile volcanic soils that cover most of the southern half of Uganda, Uganda is one of the greenest and most lush places I have ever been. Abundant in crops, waterfalls and swimming holes that are scattered throughout the forest are relied on by farmers and villagers alike. Ancient glaciers carved out the landscape leaving behind beautiful mountains to climb.


Life in Uganda can be a challenge. Having the privilage of being able to live in Uganda for 3 months while volunteering gave me the opportunity to get to know a farming community intimately, as well as the streets of Mbale and the locals it contained.

From eating in the cheapest back alley restaurants, hitch hiking across the country, to working on the farm and in a school, Uganda and its people gave me more than I gave it – as is so commonly the case.



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