The Detailed World of Sound


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my life itself was become my amusement and never ceased to be novel – Thoreau

Lately I have been observing the detail of sound on a new level. Sitting on a train or camping at the base of a mountain, listening and observing, appreciating every minute sound occurring within my surroundings. Sounds so immediate, so powerful, so complex. So ignored.

The trains’ wheels clattering against the iron railing, people talking in foreign languages, laughing and playing, eating food, walking the isles, slamming doors, babies crying, dogs barking, the breeze howling through the windows.

Unlike the visible spectrum of light, sound can only be appreciated, only observed, by what is in your immediate vicinity, often limited to the extent of what you can touch. The world is transformed into an orchestra of a thousand, each individual element playing at a slightly different tempo, volume and rhythm, all working together to create a masterpiece unique to your life, in that moment.

Trees standing in the forest fly past at 100 kilometres per hour – Einstein’s theory of relativity observed – the inconsistencies in the forest density and proximity to the rail creating different notes, as if the pine needles were strings on a harp themselves. 

My awareness and appreciation for such constant and natural beauty has been heightened. Listening carefully to the wonderful orchestra of my life, composed by our world, I am always entertained, always fascinated. I feel more apart of our world, more connected when I just listen. And is that not the case when in conversation with another, the more you listen the more you pay attention, the more you hear and the more you are able to connect with a person, connect on a deeper level.

Standing in the summer sun in a sleepy English country town, the wind flowing through the trees like a car driving by, a plane flies overhead, its roaring engines lagging behind, all the while ants meander the pavement below seemingly oblivious to the scale of our world.

Listen to the sounds around you, let the symphony built up and develop, feel its fluid movement. Feel the sound of a car driving past and observe the difference in the energy between the approach and the departure of the moving object. The world is far from monotonous, every day the orchestra called life creates a new and wonderful symphony for your entertainment. Hear each noise, feel each noise, add the visuals and you are front row of your own personalised theatre performance. Do not feel obliged to look abroad for amusement, let life itself become your amusement and it will never cease to be novel*.

*Walden, Thoreau 1854



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