l o f o t e n

[VIDEO] Lofoten, the place of dreams. Remote beaches nestled within mountains rising out of the sea. Mountains to hike, rocks to climb, rivers/lakes/ocean to bath. Endless opportunity for exploration. This place is perfect.  If nature is my church than mountains are my cathedral. It is an amazing, liberating feeling to let a forest guide you, let … Continue reading l o f o t e n


The Detailed World of Sound

Sound. Lately I have been observing the detail of sound on a new level. Sitting on a train or camping at the base of a mountain, listening and observing, appreciating every minute sound occurring within my surroundings. Sounds so immediate, so powerful, so complex. So ignored. The trains’ wheels clattering against the iron railing, people … Continue reading The Detailed World of Sound

Standing in the Eye of Destruction

Taken in a former Television station bombed by NATO in 1999 to disrupt and degrade the command, control and communications network (McCormack 2006, p. 381.). Despite being highly damaged due to airstrikes, the majority of the structure still stands 17 years later. The building - resembling a bunker, lies on the outskirts of Novi Sad in northern Serbia, a half … Continue reading Standing in the Eye of Destruction