Chariots of Sweden

Chariots of Sweden (-10degC)
Chariots of Sweden (-10degC)

Arriving in Sweden in the Autumn – one might argue it to be the worst time in the Scandinavian weather cycle, and after seeing the sun once a fortnight due to cloud cover, I quickly begun adopting Swedish culture traits – taking my daily dose of Vitamin D tablets and staying indoors.

Throughout Autumn and Winter, I became increasingly impressed by the Swedes’ ability to continue normal life despite the weather. Walking their dogs, pushing their prams (strollers), going for runs be it rain or snow, or  -10 degrees.

Comparing to the only other place I have ever lived as an adult: Australia – where it feels like if there is a drop of rain, the dog isn’t walked, the kids stay indoors, the car is driven to work and everyone stays at home on a Friday night – I admire the Swedes’ for their determination to maintain a productive life, as it is essential to their survival. In Australia where we merely wait for the next day, because chances are it will be better weather, Swedes circumvent their inability to simply wait by wearing stylish yet practical clothing.

This is of course a huge generalisation based on a personal observation, nevertheless, round of applause for the Swedes.

Visit my flickr for the complete set of pictures.

Chariots of Sweden
Chariots of Sweden

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