Dog Breeding in Midland England

After about 10 minutes the deed was done, vaseline prevailed! Leaving a very happy dog, a terrified bitch, satisfied dog breeders, and me, standing in the corner, not sure if I was meant to pay for watching.


Vehicles of the World

Our world is full of unique and wonderful nouns (people, places and thing). Some of these things help people get to unique places around the world. These things are often referred to as vehicles. And these vehicles are as unique as the people going to those places.

Davids Quick Reviews – Niš, Serbia

brutal. uninformed. opinions. (based on first impressions) Quite frankly, when was the last time you heard a travel review of a city that was not raved about and added to a top ten list with the description reading "you must visit this city if it’s the last thing you do". Bullshit. Travel has its ups … Continue reading Davids Quick Reviews – Niš, Serbia


turkey traverse

[VIDEO] dancing around the streets of istanbul and the fairy chimneys of kapadokya   song: henry green - barcelona #dancetravel


l o f o t e n

[VIDEO] Lofoten, the place of dreams. Remote beaches nestled within mountains rising out of the sea. Mountains to hike, rocks to climb, rivers/lakes/ocean to bath. Endless opportunity for exploration. This place is perfect.  If nature is my church than mountains are my cathedral. It is an amazing, liberating feeling to let a forest guide you, let … Continue reading l o f o t e n


Farewell Fremantle

Its autumn in Perth. It just turned 9 am and it is 31 degrees outside, hot and sunny. My only plan today is to take my aunt visiting from Zimbabwe to the beach to cool down. Yesterday I went swam with sea lions while snorkeling at a popular beach a mere 15 minute drive from my … Continue reading Farewell Fremantle


Standing in the Eye of Destruction

Taken in a former Television station bombed by NATO in 1999 to disrupt and degrade the command, control and communications network (McCormack 2006, p. 381.). Despite being highly damaged due to airstrikes, the majority of the structure still stands 17 years later. The building - resembling a bunker, lies on the outskirts of Novi Sad in northern Serbia, a half … Continue reading Standing in the Eye of Destruction