l o f o t e n

[VIDEO] Lofoten, the place of dreams. Remote beaches nestled within mountains rising out of the sea. Mountains to hike, rocks to climb, rivers/lakes/ocean to bath. Endless opportunity for exploration. This place is perfect. 

If nature is my church than mountains are my cathedral. It is an amazing, liberating feeling to let a forest guide you, let it take you to its hidden gems, feel a mountains gravitational pull as it lures you in. A place to receive answers to difficult life questions – free from distraction, logic and social pressures. All you have to do is wander.

Mountains will take my life, draw me in, consume me in one way or another. Mountains will take my life in either life or death. Draw me in, consume me in one way or another.


2 thoughts on “l o f o t e n

  1. Great video and great writing!! I definitely share with you that feeling of being consumed either to death or life. I have that when on my long distance runnings in the mountains, but not only, also during crazy and inspiring trips. Thanks for sharing this deep thoutghs and experiences!!

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