People of Palmyra are not very friendly, People of Palmyra seldom wave back, People of Palmyra rarely say hello, People of Palmyra. (Maybe its just me, Maybe I have been away too long, Maybe the line separating Palmyra and Fremantle is real.)



  2017 I followed my heart. It was a great year in some aspects, average in others. It was a building block year, a bit of a time filler, time was what we needed to see the direction of the future. Direction is what I found and now the path gets clearer and clearer. What … Continue reading 2018

Vehicles of the World

Our world is full of unique and wonderful nouns (people, places and thing). Some of these things help people get to unique places around the world. These things are often referred to as vehicles. And these vehicles are as unique as the people going to those places.



I followed my nose, trusted my gut instinct and it never let me down. I met inspirational people, climbed new mountains, travelled even slower. Choices were narrowed, passions arose, direction was forming.


The Detailed World of Sound

Sound. Lately I have been observing the detail of sound on a new level. Sitting on a train or camping at the base of a mountain, listening and observing, appreciating every minute sound occurring within my surroundings. Sounds so immediate, so powerful, so complex. So ignored. The trains’ wheels clattering against the iron railing, people … Continue reading The Detailed World of Sound


Alcoholics Anonymous

An amazing thing has been happening amongst the friends with which I surrounded myself. A trend (seemingly worldwide) to reduce the consumption of alcohol in favour for good times with a clear head, and one which you remember, one which you enjoy, one in which you are not desensitising your senses to the point in … Continue reading Alcoholics Anonymous


Farewell Fremantle

Its autumn in Perth. It just turned 9 am and it is 31 degrees outside, hot and sunny. My only plan today is to take my aunt visiting from Zimbabwe to the beach to cool down. Yesterday I went swam with sea lions while snorkeling at a popular beach a mere 15 minute drive from my … Continue reading Farewell Fremantle