Farewell Fremantle


Its autumn in Perth. It just turned 9 am and it is 31 degrees outside, hot and sunny. My only plan today is to take my aunt visiting from Zimbabwe to the beach to cool down. Yesterday I went swam with sea lions while snorkeling at a popular beach a mere 15 minute drive from my front door. Last week I went down to the limestone cliffs that run along the river to jump of an 8 metre cliff and do some rock climbing below. As I squatted in a cave on level with the water gently washing against the rocks, moored boats in the foreground, a brilliantly lit orange and red sky flaring as the sun was slowly hidden from view for another day. No one in sight, a small taste of paradise, in a city with weather good enough to enjoy such views 9 months of the year, I sat and thought, how incredibly beautiful the world on my doorstep is, and always will be where ever I land.

I’ll miss you Fremantle, its been great getting to know you again.


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20160528-untitled-1-JPEG Full


“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it” – Aristophanes



2 thoughts on “Farewell Fremantle

  1. I’m not gona lie, I’m pretty dissapointed you never told me you had a sausage dog. Worse still, is I never got to meet this said sausage dog #crushed


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